Gwyneth’s readings about information and digital literacies

Gwyneth has identified a selection of readings about digital literacies that are intended to help the team develop a common understanding of what we mean by information and digital literacies. These are:

SCONUL Seven Pillars of Information Literacy (2011)

Bruce, C., Edwards, S. and Lupton, M. (2006). ‘Six Frames for Information literacy Education: a conceptual framework for interpreting the relationships between theory and practice’. [Online]. Italics, 5 (1). Available at:

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Learning Literacies for a Digital Age (LLiDA) project

Dingley, E. (2010). ‘Postgraduate Information Needs And Online Tools Awareness.’. [Online]. Arcadia Project report. Available at:

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Lankshear, C. and Knobel, M. (2008). Digital literacies : concepts, policies and practices. New York ; Oxford: Peter Lang.