Monthly Archives: January 2012

Focus group update – distance students to be included

We’ve been busy… We’ve conducted a quick initial analysis of the main themes coming out of the three focus groups held by Jude in December. Briefly – we discovered some striking differences between the MA, PhD and PGCE students in terms of their priorities surrounding the use of technologies in their studies, with quite different issues and experiences being reported in the three groups, along with contrasting relationships to the institution also being expressed via technologies.  Martin, Jude and I will be doing a more detailed analysis of this data over the next couple of weeks and will report on this fully in our baselining report. We also asked them to draw maps of their uses of technologies – I’ll post an example up here shortly. Additionally, we’ve decided to conduct a 4th focus group with IOE distance students – this was not in our original proposal but we think it’s such an important group institutionally that they should be looked at. We’re in the middle of organising an Elluminate focus group for that, so will update on progress with that in due course – should be interesting and will give us a more representative picture of our students as a whole.