Monthly Archives: February 2012

Organisational Change workshop

Yesterday, Lesley and I attended a workshop on organisational change at Senate House, University of London, run by Stephen Brown from de Montfort. The workshop drew on experiences in the JISC-funded curriculum design programme, and several elements of that experience (baselining, stakeholder engagement) were familiar to us from our work on this project to date.

It was useful to get some space to think about these elements of our project, and to be encouraged to think about ways of engaging strategic individuals outside of the project team. I think we were in agreement, though, that the ambiguities in our work made some of the rational planning hard (e.g. empirical phase determining the priorities for the implementation projects, so we can’t say with precision yet what or whom they might involve). Also, we had some good discussions about ways of understanding organisational change that were more in tune with the student experience work we’re currently undertaking – more about complexity, influence, choice and agency. It’ll be interesting to see how far we’re able to develop and share these during the project.