Participating in the programme meeting

This week, we took part in the programme meeting, bringing together all the projects working on digital literacies. It was a really useful opportunity to hear what the other projects have been up to, and to hear more about the cross-project themes and issues that have emerged. Helen Beetham’s overview of the baseline reports was particularly useful, giving some programme-level context for what we’re doing.

We also took part in several smaller discussions, around topics such as disciplinarity, change management and evaluation. This was a chance to present and discuss some of our thinking about evaluation, as well as to listen to what others are doing. There was a pleasantly surprising level of similarity between what we are doing and how the project at Reading are undertaking evaluation, for example. It’s reassuring to know it’s not just us thinking along those lines.

All projects were required to prepare videos in advance of the meetings; these are to be made public soon, at which point we’ll link to ours.