Monthly Archives: September 2012

Presentations at ALT-C 2012

We’ve just completed a very enjoyable pair of presentations at this year’s ALT conference in Manchester. The first of these was a programme-wide symposium called “Technology: the new mainstream?“, chaired by Carole Baum, and involving the projects at the IOE, Exeter, Bath and the University of the Arts. It focused on some of the challenging questions raised by the projects, leading to a lively panel discussion.

The second, called “Developing digital literacies in your institution“, was also chaired by Carole. This focused on the ideas developed by the projects that have resulted in change within the project’s institutions, and invited participants to think about how these might relate to activities in their own institutions. This was a cluster-based workshop, bringing together the IOE, the University of the Arts, the University of Greenwich and UCL.

Slides from both of these will be available from the papers, reports and talks page soon.

Update: the slides are now available.