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Project baseline report now available

We have completed our baseline report, which summarises what we know about digital literacy practices amongst staff and students at the Institute. This includes some early analysis of the data from the focus groups and an outline of the work planned for the remainder of this first year, including multimodal journalling by students and research into institutional readiness for change.

First baseline report released

The first part of the project’s baseline work has now been completed, and a report on this can be accessed here.

The report consists of an analysis of data generated by surveys of students’ experiences of studying at our institution. Specifically, we have analysed comments relating to technology, information access and use of the library. Sharpe & Beetham’s pyramid model for digital literacies was used as a way of structuring and reporting the data, to allow comparisons across the projects in this programme.

Unfortunately, the data weren’t very informative, because the comments were fairly superficial and were heavily shaped by the survey instrument used, which doesn’t fit closely with our project’s aims. However,┬áthe process was useful as a way of identifying areas that subsequent baseline activities could focus on in more detail.