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End of programme meeting

This Tuesday, we took part in the final programme meeting in Brimingham – quite a momentous milestone. It feels like a long journey from the initial meeting 18 or so months ago! The close of the meeting involved making an object or giving a presentation about the journey of our project. Here’s Lesley making our thing:

Lesley creating our installation

And here’s what it looked like at the end:

The journey of our project, with string

Is it merely a bunch of stuff and some string? Or is it an heterogeneous network of actants that has been engineered to achieve project completion? Either way, the cash has strings attached, digital devices are central an potentially oppositional binaries of new and traditional technologies (and texts) have been shown as linked.


Presentation to the JISC Learning and Teaching Experts Group

Today, we’re giving a short overview of the project and its achievements to the Learning and Teaching Experts Group in Birmingham. The slides from our presentation are available here. This was also an opportunity to promote the special issue of Research in Learning Technology on digital scholarship, since this proposal came out of the JISC work.