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Presentation at Researching Work and Learning

Last week, we made our first presentation on the curriculum design elements of the staff intervention study. We gave the talk at the Researching Work and Learning conference in Sterling, to a select but very engaged audience. The talk focused on the material practices of curricula work, setting this in the context of wider debates around the curriculum in higher education.

The presentation is available on slideshare.

Presentation at Leicester University

Yesterday, Lesley and I gave a presentation on the project at Leicester University. This was delivered to a rather select group in the room, but also webcast to a wider audience. We almost made it through without technical hiccup… but not quite! It was very interesting to present this work, which was focused on our graduate students, to an audience that included graduate students at another institution. It also provided a very interesting space in which to discuss methodology in quite a frank and productive way.

Presentation at Theorizing the Web, 2013

We’re at the Theorizing the Web conference, and will shortly be giving our presentation, “Critiquing digital dualism: a sociomaterial account of student entanglements with technologies“. So far it’s been a good mix of presentations; it’s an interesting contrast to the educational and educational technology conferences we’ve been presenting this work at.

The Twitter tag for the event is #TtW13, and for our session is #d2.